• Dear Parents, Students and Community Members,

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!  Having worked in education for almost 30 years, I am often amazed that each year feels so new and fresh, unlike any other in my professional history.  The halls are filled with new faces (both students and staff), and classrooms and shops are filled with new ideas, updated technology, and exciting opportunities just waiting to be shared with eager students.  I am so fortunate to work among such talented educators, and look forward to another year here at Monty Tech.

    Last year was a remarkable one here at Monty Tech, yielding more than $400,000 in competitive grants that allowed us to purchase new and updated equipment that will better prepare our students for college and career.  We also saw students dive into new academic programs like never before.  An exciting new biomedical science program was launched, comprised of two rigorous Project Lead the Way courses, Human Body Systems and Principles of Biomedical Sciences. These courses engaged students in a variety of hands-on learning opportunities in a newly renovated laboratory environment that replicates industry standards. We saw students trained in the safe and effective use of the same tools that professionals in hospitals and laboratories are currently using, working together to find solutions to real-world problems by analyzing medical histories, reading and interpreting autopsy reports, and understanding basic biology and human physiology.  These courses were a hit last year, so we expanded access to them and continue to see students excited about these science programs!

    If you have driven by our campus, you have probably seen our beautiful new Veterinary Clinic.  Built by students and instructors in our Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Masonry, HVAC and Property Maintenance, and Cabinetmaking trades, this is a perfect example of what a high-quality vocational education and a little teamwork can accomplish.  This year, the clinic will open to provide subsidized veterinary care to ensure all families have access to valuable preventative and primary care opportunities.  Services at the clinic will include: routine preventative care visits, affordable medications and vaccinations, diagnostic services, dentistry, stable urgent care, compassionate end of life care, and primary care surgical services.  

    Students at Monty Tech are put to the test early and often.  Whether they are asked to sit for and earn OSHA credentials in the Freshman year, perform well on the state's MCAS exam, or demonstrate proficiency in their trades, our students do so effortlessly, which is why it should come as no surprise that each year we break our own records in terms of students entering co-operative education placements.  Last year alone, more than 150 students were employed in area businesses and shops, applying what they have learned in the classroom.  Working as apprentice electricians, cosmetologists, bank tellers and more, Monty Tech students are demonstrating the value of a vocational education, and we couldn't be more proud of their success!

    As you know, a Monty Tech high school experience is one students must choose, and to ensure that every interested student in our sending district has access to information needed to make sound decisions regarding his/her high school experience, we have expanded our marketing and social media presence.  Please visit and "Like" our Twitter account (@montytech), Facebook page (@MontachusettRegionalVocationalTechnicalSchool), and Instagram (Coming Soon!) accounts for up-to-date information on all the great things happening here at Monty Tech.

    Best wishes for continued success in 2019-2020 - Go Bulldogs!

    Sheila M. Harrity, Ed.D.