• Welding

  • The Monty Tech Welding/Metal Fabrication program effectively prepares students to enter the workforce as skilled welders, welder technicians, metal fabrication technicians and more.  Skilled instructors teach a variety of welding processes including Oxy-Fuel Cutting and Welding, Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding, and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, as well as light plated and sheet metal fabrication.  Students will also learn a number of metal fabrication practices, including layout, forming, rolling, bending, punching, shearing and inspection, using the latest manual and semi-automatic equipment found in today’s fabrication facilities.

  • After graduation students may seek employment in the following career pathways:

    • Welder
    • Welding Technician
    • Cutting Table Operator
    • Sheet Metal Mechanic
    • Welding Inspector
    • Metal Fabrication Technician