• Monty Tech was recently awarded a $180,000 grant from the Massachusetts Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.  With these funds, the school has purchased, installed, and begun work on an exciting venture - the Monty Tech Freight Farm. This on-site farm will save the school thousands of dollars, providing the highest quality produce to our students (and even staff!).  We have partnered with Growing Places and several local farms to share crops, which will be so important as New England seasons can be challenging for farmers.  
    The Monty Tech Freight Farm will allow for continuous growth year-round, producing as many as 1,450 heads of leafy greens every 3 weeks. The new Farm is not only an exciting learning tool, it is also a critical piece of a lagging, seasonally-dependent food chain.  During the school year, the crop will directly benefit Monty Tech’s school nutrition and culinary program, and during school vacations and holidays, the crop will be distributed throughout the region by local non-profit organization and Monty Tech partner, Growing Places
Freight Farm